I feel so lucky to know you awesome kids…

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I’m sitting right now in a training, learning how to be a better teacher. I’m excited for the chance to become better, but at the same time I wish I wasn’t here – I wish I was in my room with you awesome kids.

Do you recognize how amazing you are? I feel like the luckiest teacher in the world to have students that focus and work to become better. It is so fun to see you putting your 100% effort into learning the math skills that I teach. You are getting better. I hope you realize this. I know that school is slow and it is hard to focus and try your hardest. When you get better, there isn’t music or awards or anything to help you see your improvement.

But it is happening. You are “leveling up” each day. I see you getting better. Topics that used to be hard are now becoming easy. You smile and laugh during class because you are having fun while doing the math. YOU ARE GETTING IT!

I’m so proud of you. I feel so lucky to know you. And I miss you on these days when I have to to be away from the class so I can get better. Keep working hard!